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Rachet Ring

noun \ˈra-chət\

1. A device made up of a wheel or bar with many teeth along its edge in between which a piece fits so that the wheel or bar can move only in one direction.

2. (slang) A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that thinks she’s super hot, but usually isn’t. Often wears super tight leggings/stalkings (shiny) , 8" heels, fitted jean jackets, and lots of make-up. Fake eyelashes, says YOLO, listens to 2-Chainz, and goes clubbing. Eg. pregnant at the club is “Ratchet”

2. (slang. East Coast) A gun. (dislike)

A perfect addition to your favorite stack - our signature nameplate rings are a quirky spin on an old school favorite. Guacamole? Winetime? Sweatpants? Whatever your passion... we GET you. 

    Hand-carved unisex rings are available in sizes 5-9. Sizes 3-4 and 9.5-13 are available with an additional re-carving/sizing fee.

    These items are handmade! Please allow 5-10 business days for rings to be sized and shipped. Rush shipping is available upon checkout. 

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