Product Facts & Care Info

How are SNASH pieces made?

We carve every design out of wax and cast / produce them in our NYC studio. We employ a small all-female team and work with local contractors. All pieces are 100% USA made using recycled metals whenever possible. 

What metals do you use?

We cast in most popular metals including brass, white bronze, sterling silver and solid gold in both 10KT and 14KT. Additional metals including white gold, rose gold & and platinum are available upon request. We also offer a variety of plating options. 

How can I polish my ring?

While we do sell polishing cloths, any treated cloth that works on sterling or gold pieces (not eyeglass-specific cloths), would remove tarnish on any of our brass, sterling or gold rings. There are also a number of at-home polishing remedies available on the web. 

Here are some at-home fixes ----->

Will I turn green?

Fingers turning green is a normal reaction that affects some people, but not all. While it happens less frequently to folks with dry skin or with a generally small salt intake, it can happen to anybody. The best way to keep this from happening is to order your ring in sterling silver or solid gold. Adding a plating to your ring will also help. Need a quick fix on a brass ring? Use a small amount for clear nail polish along the inner band - this acts as a quick at-home alternative to a jewelers lacquer, creating a barrier between your skin and the metal that you can potentially react to. 

Do you plate your rings?

Typically, no, our brass rings are not plated. We leave our rings in raw metal unless you add a plating option to your order. Brass (unplated) rings are easy for you to re-polish on your own with any jewelry polishing cloth. 

What kind of platings do you offer?

We offer a very thick micron plating in gold, rose gold and gunmetal. While "Gold Vermeil" is an industry-wide standard of 2.5 mil micron plating over sterling silver, we also offer this same plating grade over brass or white bronze for the same price. While our plating has been tested and does last a very long time, we recommend avoiding water and humidity to keep it as long lasting as possible. 

How should I care of my piece?

Avoid storing in humid places (such as bathrooms) as well as steering clear of water, lotions, and chlorine. Remove tarnish with any treated jewelry polishing cloth.

Do you gift wrap? 

Your order will automatically come with a our branded black and gold ring case and free stickers. Rings come in small padded encased gem cases (size permitting) and earrings come packaded on our black and gold earring cards. Want to spice up your wrapping? No prob - you can add a variety of wrappings, package additions (such as our SNASH PACK) and a variety of fun boxes for a small additional fee in each product listing and at checkout. 

How can I find my ring size?

We do offer a $5 forever-reusable multisizer through this link ---->

For a quick online resource to find your size in a hurry, we recommend the following website ---->

Do sales discounts apply to anything in the shop?

Yes, typically all sales apply to all items, unless otherwise noted. Stack up, sales don't happen often, but when they do - they are worth the wait. Sign up for our newsletter to get SNASH SALE alerts!

I want to gift a SNASH ring - what if it doesn't fit?

No problem! Please email us at and we will ensure you get a piece that fits perfectly - if we have stock on the new size you need, the swap is be free of charge. If we need to cast a new one, there is a $15 resizing fee. Please reach out within 14 days of delivery. Plated rings incur a $20 re-plating fee. Custom rings incur a $20 resizing fee. 

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